LED lighting systems - the modern solution for efficient lighting


Public lighting is one of the public services that all municipal authorities must provide in the areas they administrate, in order to make them safer and more readily accessible for the town or city’s inhabitants. 

AKTIV GREEN TECH can help public administrations achieve energy efficiency targets in diverse sectors, such as public lighting and energy consumption in public buildings, and through public-private partnerships.

Compared to the other types of lighting available today, the LED method is by far the smartest and most energy-efficient solution.

LEDs are the most advanced technology in the lighting industry and have advantages that differentiate them from classical luminaires.

LEDs are small, resilient, energy-efficient, and their different operation from traditional light bulbs makes them more robust and more durable than these.


Benefits :

- The economy achieved by a LED street light body is about 50-80% of the consumption of a classic mercury vapor street lighting body and over 80% of the consumption of an incandescent filament source;

- Very long life, over 50000 hours of operation (almost 6 years of continuous operation or 15 years of operation in 10 hours / day regime according to European norms);

- Maintenance costs are minimal as LED lighting has a much longer life than traditional light sources;

- LED bulbs and LED projectors increase students' concentration in classrooms;

- The efficiency of LED lamps increases safety at work and contributes to the success of your business.

AKTIV GREEN TECH offers turnkey solutions for applications such as: residential lighting, architectural lighting, street lighting, office spaces, industrial halls, schools, showrooms, aviation, military, transportation, safety and traffic.