About us

AKTIV GREEN TECH is an Approved Technological Service  offering research-based consultancy and technological services.

We unite research and business to create green development and strengthened innovation and competitiveness in the agricultural sectors,

food sectors and green energy.

Our clients are technological suppliers, horticultural nurseries, food companies and primary producers.

We also work closely with universities and other scientifical institutions.

Our main areas include biomass and bioefficacy, food innovation, green living environments, environmental technology and plant technology.

Within these areas, we create business development through knowledge and innovation.

For us, this means that:

We take new and innovative paths for the agricultural sector and for the food sector

We create business and value for our customers through research-based advice

We combine a high level of knowledge with business understanding

We are known among our target groups

We carry out research and collaborate closely with scientifical institutions

We invest in research and development activities

We work in an interdisciplinary manner and view knowledge-sharing as part of our culture