AKTIV GREEN TECH provide the technology for growing cherries under plastic covers and tunnels.

The  cherry industry have been a substantial renaissance in the last 7 years. The best method to avoid fruit cracking induced by rain is to exclude

rainfall contacting the fruit by covering the trees with Agrocon Cherry Tunnels.

Research has shown that plastic covers can reduce wind speed, increase air temperatures and consequently growing degree units.

Lifting covers in the early development of the orchard can accelerate tree growth and advance fruit precocity.

In addition, disease control can be managed more effectively, enabling an overall reduction in the amount of applied pesticides.

Recent developments in plastic technology which can also incorporate coloured plastic has had the effect of delaying crop maturity, extremely

important in extending the availability of fruit till the end of season.

This can be taken further by sequentially covering trees to broaden the periods of bloom and ripening.