During the last years there have been spectacular changes concerning crops in greenhouses. Now is time for greenhouses construction.

Over the years, the demand for reliable construction leads to a better insulation, maximum light transmission and a high productivity per  m².

Our product range will prove without any doubt  that Agrocon and Havecon are indeed your ideal partner for modern horticultural greenhouses.

All steel and aluminum parts are calculated and approved according to the latest norms and directives of TNO, the Dutch Institute for Building and Construction Research.

We put these requirements in projects that satisfy the modern trends of cultivation on wanted areas and wanted sizes.

A product made by us means:

- Right construction planning

- Strongest light transmission

- Durability

- Quality

We are offering:

- Complete greenhouses construction

- Heating and cooling installations

- Screening and black-out installations

- Internal transport and logistic growing systems

- Water-technical and electro-technical installations

- Shipping and packing area's

- Assimilation and LED lights

- Training and Project management

Combine your today requirements with our technological and practical experience for designing and building the greenhouse of tomorrow.

Let's grow together!