AKTIV GREEN TECH activity in the field of biotechnology consist in researching and developing green, sustainable crop protection, natural biofertilizers and organic cleaners, technical support for the formulation and production, evaluation and monitoring of practice tests, registration and legislation.

Plants provide a large bank of rich, complex and highly varied structures which are unlikely to be synthesized in laboratories. Furthermore, evolution has already carried out a screening process by itself, whereby plants are more likely to survive if they contain potent compounds which deter animals from eating them. Even today, the number of plants that have been extensively studied is relatively few and the vast majority have not been studied at all.

Aktiv Bioscience technology consist in developing products that are safe for humans and the environment. Developing natural products that can compete with chemicals. Both in effectivity and price.

Aktiv Bioprotection research uses multi-disciplinary plant disease R&D to generate knowledge, technologies, tools and management strategies for the effective control of diseases, pests and weeds for biosecurity protection, enhanced market access and improved productivity. The Bioprotection platform comprised sub-platforms covering a continuum of disciplines of relevance in the fields and plant health, pest and pathogen response and weed management.

We support sustainability initiatives around the world, such as integrated pest management techniques, crop protection, training for farmers from developing countries and agricultural container recycling efforts. All of these efforts align with our business objective to help producers grow more food on each plot of farmland, feeding more people without cultivating additional land.